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Dec 25, 2016

On Sponsors

It is very common to see amateur athletes of all kinds with more logos on their kits then a NASCAR driver. Everyone is looking for the deals and the ability to say they are a sponsored athlete. Companies see the influx of people willing to hashtag their lives away just for a few pennies off something and take advantage of that for some free marketing. There are entire websites dedicated to helping athletes find sponsorships of some kind. But there really isn't a relationship between athlete and company that works for the benefit of both. The discounts offered aren't usually worth the effort and it's difficult to really promote a product that the athlete doesn't believe in. It's even harder to believe the quality of the product when you see athletes jumping from company to company and each one is the "best they've ever used." Or when you are told that such and such is actually better, but I'll use this because I get a discount. No brand loyalty at all with the current state of marketing.

One thing that Nick and I have always done - and one of the reasons that my sponsorship page doesn't look like a NASCAR site - is only approach companies that we have used in the past and that we actually like. If it's not something that I would pay money for, then how can I in good conscious try to encourage someone else to use it? That goes for any company in any category - if it is not something that we would use, we will not seek out sponsorship of any kind. The ethics make for a small list of sponsors, but they are all ones that I use regularly for training and racing - or for daily life - and have no qualms about telling someone how great they are. So it's time for a shout-out to all of my sponsors and supporters.

Christopher Bean Coffee -  Freshly roasted beans with consistent quality and flavor. It's what I look for when making my coffee in the morning - a smooth, mellow cup that doesn't taste burnt. I get that and more with Christopher Bean Coffee - cup after cup and bag after bag. I also love that there is something for everyone with CBC. The dark bold roasts, light roasts, flavored coffee where you taste both the flavor and the coffee and even tea. CBC has been one of my longest supporters - going back to when I was just starting out as a new pro triathlete. #liveyourpassion #loveyourcoffee

Exposure Lights Distributed in the USA by IBEX Sports - Nick is fussy when it comes to lights. With Exposure Lights, we got easy to use, lightweight and reliable lights. Self contained with no cords to deal with either on helmet or on the bars, we were able to light up the night for lap after lap at many 24 hour races and the Vapor Trail 125. After many years of partnership with IBEX Sports as the distributor for Exposure Lights, due to circumstances outside of our control, this sponsorship will be ending for 2017. We wish James with IBEX Sports the best of luck in the new year.

Ibex Wool - This is new partnership for 2017 and one that I'm very excited about. I've quickly become a convert to the benfits of merino wool for both riding and running - and in all seasons - and the Ibex quality is hard to beat. The gear is well built, responsibly sourced and tough. The clothes are both functional and fashionable - easily moving from trail to town. #woolworks #artofwool

Swiftwick Socks - Nick got me my first pair years ago - a pair of Pursuit Wool 12s. While that pair has long since developed holes from near constant wear in the winter, my sock drawer is now a Swiftwick showcase. Hands (toes?) down the best socks I have every worn. From the super thin Aspires (I wear the 12s as compression socks at work) to the extra padding of the Maxus line, there is something for every foot. There is also a height for everyone from the no show zeros which I normally run in to the full calf compression of the 12s. I spent many hours on my feet this year training for Sheep Mountain Endurance Run and never had an issue as long as I had my Swiftwicks. And no alpine mountain bike adventure is complete without a pair of my pursit wools socks. #chaseadventure #beswift

ProCycling Warehouse - Our local bike shop and title sponsor of the cycling team we race for. We've been racing in the blue and yellow of ProCycling since 2013. One benefit of having the backing of a shop like ProCycling is the quality of equipment and bikes they carry. Both Nick and I race on Specialized bikes and ProCycling carries a wide variety of Specialized bikes and apparel. Finding small sizes in any bike is often challenging and I've never had an issue with getting what I need from ProCycling. They also have an extensive women's selection of bikes and gear, helping getting other women out there riding with the proper equipment.

Will we be adding more sponsors for 2017? There is always that possibility. But as always, it won't be just for the deals. It will be because we trust the product and believe that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

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