To the edge

At what point do you cast aside the weight of society and step into the unknown? It's a gamble - like creeping up to the edge of an abyss and peering over. Can it be crossed? And at what cost - or reward? It's so easy to take that look down into the depths and just back away. That is the safe route - staying with the known, no matter what the circumstances. Most people wouldn't even approach the edge, preferring to remain far away from any chance of danger.

But what if the danger really lies in doing nothing? In staying "content" with the status quo no matter how much it chafes? Then what are the risks? Climbing to the edge of that abyss and looking over might be rewarded with a way to cross and a different life on the other side. It might not be any better , but it would be different. A chance to do something new. The opportunity to find a new sense of self and see the world from a different perspective. 

Which is vision is reality?
It is that crossroads that we find ourselves now. We are at the edge of the abyss with Nick wanting to take the leap and find that crossing. Me? I keep creeping up and looking down - not over and across to see what lies beyond. I hear all the reasons, all the options we have, but find myself stuck by the fear of the depths and the unknown. But really, it is now or never. Chances like this - the opportunity to create a clean slate come along so infrequently. No ties holding us down, binding us to one spot. I know that this could be a great experience - something few people have had the chance to do and something so many dream of doing. So why am I balking and letting fear of change hold us back? The only thing constant in life is change. What is the difference if it is gradual or all at once?

One chance to step across the the abyss. I need to close my eyes to the depths below and look forward to the other side, trusting my partner to find the safest crossing. 


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