Fear of Missing Out

It's a real thing - the fear of missing out. With so many great races and events in Colorado alone, there's not enough time and money to do them all. Something has to give and despite how much fun or how much prestige an event has, some times, enough is enough. Back in March, I had someone ask me if I was going to Weaverville for worlds this year. I admit to not having a clue as to what she was talking about at that point - the WEMBO 24 Hour World Championship. I did some research and filed the event away in my mind. If things worked out and I would be able to race, I would. It would be a honor to wear my Stars and Stripes for a World Championships and be racing for the chance to trade those in for a Rainbow. So very tempting. I could redo my plan for the rest of the year, moving my focus race back three weeks and then taking the previous A-race and turning it into start of the last hard block before Worlds. I actually sat down and planned it out to see how that would look.

But the reality set in - it's not that far to California, but it's not that close either. And I've done my time traveling across the country for racing. After a long discussion with Nick - on several occasions, the racing schedule would remain as it was. The racing is a partnership here - we both race and we both help each other. Despite the prestige of racing in the world championships, it wasn't something we both wanted to do. I didn't have my heart set on the race - which is what was needed for a shot at competing at that level. Nick also had some very good points about the quality of the races right nearby, including what was my A race for the season - Vapor Trail 125. It's a good thing I have him around - otherwise I might give in to Fear of Missing out more frequently. He also didn't want to travel that far for a race. It might have been for rainbows, yes, but still.

So instead of racing this past weekend, I watched the day unfold on line - cheering on the many friends who were competing. Yes, a part of me wished I was there, wondering if I would have been in the mix. But the desire to be racing was well tempered by distance. I realize that I may never get another chance to compete at a World Championships - they will be held in NZ next year. I've also realized that while the solo endurance challenges of 24 hour racing suits me, the NASCAR style of racing that is 24 hour racing does not. I much prefer the challenge of the unknown - a new trail around the bend, greeting the sunrise far away from where I started. The realization of self and self awareness of the types of challenges that stimulate you do wonders for banishing the fear of missing out.


  1. Thank you for sharing your realization. I think it's important to understand that for a rider to race in an event, his heart must be completely set on it. Not being fully committed can really be counter-productive.


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