A New Chapter

It's no secret that I've been working with Coach Adam and CTS for the last five years. I started out with CTS back in 2009, as a struggling Xterra triathlete who was easily distracted by other events and races. Over the past five years, I've refined my athletic focus to better mesh with my life focus. It's been quite the journey, going from self-coached to having the guidance of Coach Adam; to always wondering if I was doing enough - or too much to being able to trust that that the workouts written would get the results I wanted. I knew enough self coaching to be dangerous from my years of running - Coach Adam was able to tie it all together with the multisport and later cycling focus. Coach Adam was a restraining hand at times, others a driving force to challenge me; it was a successful relationship between athlete and coach. One that I'm lucky to have had.

The last five years have been quite a ride - with unbelievable highs and lows and I've been able to count on Adam for support through it all. But as things change and situations change, so to must our relationships. With Coach Adam relocating and shifting his focus to the SHO-AIR Cycling group, it was time to say goodbye and move on. This is a wonderful opportunity for Coach Adam and I wish him the best of luck. As for me, I will be parting ways with CTS as my coaching sponsor. This is a great opportunity for me; the chance to apply the knowledge I have gained on the hardest athlete to coach. Myself....


  1. You Rock Tracy! Please feel free to reach out anytime you need anything.

    -Coach Adam :)


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