Back to darkness

At least in the mornings! It's so funny - I have the early morning friends who love to run and ride before work. For them, the Spring Forward that marks the return of DST is the worst thing ever. After finally getting to enjoy the sunshine at the start of my run, it's all of a sudden dark again. I was starting to have the sunrise greeting me as I stepped out the door. No longer, at least for a few weeks. The sun will return, but those of us who are morning risers will have to deal with darkness again. With running, it doesn't bug me quite as much. Just throw on my Exposure Lights Joystick and I can see and be seen. And since I'm training to race in all kinds of conditions, I just shrug my shoulders and look forward to the sunrise at the end on my run. Riding is a little different - the extra hour of light in the morning meant that it was just a twich warmer, just a little brighter and more welcoming. I haven't done a bike workout in the morning since October, but that is about to change. I'm sure I'll be quite cranky bundling up tomorrow and the next three weeks to ride in the morning. But if that's what needs to be done, I'll do it.

And then there are afternoon people. They count the days until the time change and relish the extra hour after work to play. I have to admit, not having to race home to beat the sunset is nice. Knowing that I can work late and still ride in the light is a pleasant state of affairs. It also means that summer is coming. The days of bundling up for the easy spin are ending soon and all I'll be dodging are the thunder storms. It will be awesome - light at both ends of the day. The afternoon people benefit the most from the time change and I usually count myself among those happy for that hour after work. It's warmer with the sun hanging high in the sky instead of slipping behind the mountains as I leave. Regardless of what sport I'm playing, the afternoon sun is always more welcoming the the rising sun. So I will smile - deal with the cranky patients who don't understand the time change anymore and the coworkers who complain ever year. Its a chance to take advantage of different scenery on the same run or ride. Change the time and change perspective for both the morning and the afternoon...


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