Something different at 24 Hour Town

For the last four years, Nick and I have made an effort to get as close as possible to the transition tent, not wanting to waste any energy or time during the race. We had to make some pretty big sacrifices in order to be close though - camping in the middle of generatorville, surrounded by towering RVs and getting coated with dust as the Friday move in became crazy. Last year was the worst - we hadn't noticed how loud most of the generators were because we had our little home on wheels before. But last year, after the Turtle died, it was clear just how nuts the center of town really was. Loud, windy, dusty and cramped. Not a comfortable or relaxing place to be before the race. We've also spent a lot of the pre-race hours hanging out with the Back of the Pack gang, enjoying company, hilarious stories and just being with people who want to ride bikes.

Judd, Nick, Jeff and Brian getting comfortable in the BPR living room on Thursday before the race

So this year, we hooked up with BPR before the race even started and decided to camp up with them. It was a bit of little longer of a ride between laps, but everything else was much better. Our campsite was dust free and calm even as the town swelled to bursting on Friday. No roaring generators - being so close to solo row meant everyone up there was very respectful of quiet hours. We didn't have to worry about our campsite getting invade or someone running over our bikes. And since we were camped up there, the trek to watch some movies on Thursday was nothing! Yes, BPR had a TV and we were the envy of the camps around as we entertained ourselves.

This is how you get ready for a race - good company, drinks and some entertainment!

Anyone up for a movie? Sunset screening of Pulp Fiction....
We also spent more time just relaxing before this race. Two short rides and getting our pit set up - after that, it was hide in the shade, take a nap, stay hydrated and have fun.
Snow Blind Moon rising on Friday - we would wish for the snow!

A10 flyover on Friday - circled three times, then buzzed town before heading back to Tuscon!


  1. great weekend tracy & nick. glad you had fun in the chaos. we'll one up this setup for Enchanted Forest. Plus there is a rumor that The Lt Col will show and race or ride or... something.

    1. This was much better chaos then RV-ville. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Enchanted forest and hope the Lt Col can make it, as well as the rest of the gang. It's gonna be good! Throw down time at the Back of the Pack - and everywhere else! (But the movies better be pg-13 this time....)


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