24 Solo

By this point, I should be confident in calling myself a 24 hour veteran. After all, we've done 11 24 hour races in the last five years, from the competitive insanity of Old Pueblo to the laid back fun of Sage. Nick and I have survived many crazy things at the races, from the wild weather in Arizona to a duel in the sage with a leading SS team. We've also had the last minute death of a motor home and still been able to pull ourselves together and race strongly. But the key word with all those races has been "we" as in a duo team. I've only done the Nascar style of duo racing - finish a lap and get a few minutes rest while getting ready for the next lap. I've ridden thru the night, throwing down fast laps under the illumination of the Exposure Lights. I've bolted away from the exchange tent with the race on the line and pulled it off. But I've always had Nick on my side, on his bike right before or after me.

Not this time. I will have Nick on my side like I always do. But this time, I'm doing all the pedaling. Nick will be in camp, running my pit. For the first time, I'm going solo. Its a little scary - the thought of riding and racing for 24 hours. I know the demons will hit harder, sinking in doubt and uncertainty. Nick will have to be my demon slayer - keeping me pedaling for as long as I can. There are so many things to worry about, from pacing and eating to keeping my wits about me. Will it be harder then my duo races? I don't know. I don't get to sleep during duo races - but I do get the break from the bike. I also have to ride hard knowing Nick is counting on me. This time, the only person counting on me is me. Nick will be waiting and worrying about me, and ready to spring into action after each lap, but ultimately it is my race.

24 Solo. If I'm not ready by Saturday for my first attempt at a solo race, then... all the work, all the prep and all the training has been done. All that is left is for me to ride my bike.


  1. Good luck Tracy, I am sure you will rock it!!


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