Fat tires = fun

We get so caught up in the training and the numbers - going faster, going further -sometimes we forget what riding is all about. Mountain biking is about fun. getting out with friends, trying a few things over again, and the satisfaction of making it or the realization that it's going to take a few more tries. When you forget what matters with mountain biking is when you lose the joy of being one with the trail. Tuesday's ride was kind of ride that makes you remember why you start riding. The fun of just pedaling and being out amid sunshine and rain drops. There was no agenda with the ride, other than just have fun. It was a small but enthusiastic group that world away from Procycling, heading for red rocks and the promise of singletrack. We took advantage of the easy road pedal over to talk about basics and some techniques.

And then we hit the singletrack. Jen was the first, and only victim of the day doing some soil sampling sampling on the first switchback of Codell's. There always is that first crash on a brand-new bike and we were lucky enough to see it. As we approached the Hogsback, rain started falling - a light, gentle dusting of moisture enough to soak the skin and dampen the ground. Jen led up the Hogsback, followed closely by Lisa. I stayed behind Jeanette helping her work through a few of the smaller rock gardens on the Hogsback. She did really really well making more of the trail then she had in the past. The enthusiasm for actually making some of the technical sections was contagious and we all shared the excitement on the top of the climb. We stopped to session the large rock obstacle on the south end of the trail. I had a line on the right that Nick showed me, and Jen wanted to try it. She did awesome, launching her Camber up and over the rock. Despite the size of the rock face, she made it look easy. Craig wanted to tackle the left line, which looks easier but has greater consequences (and is actually harder) He tried it a few times and almost had it. I decided to work on both lines - having not done the left line in while I was a bit nervous! But I made it and kept the rubber side down. The quote of the day came from a couple riding with us - as she walked her bike through the rock garden, the lady smiled at us and said "My bike has muscle memory - it will remember this line when I get my courage up to ride it!" Awesome!
Craig trying the rock obstacle again - made it this time!

The group all smiles on top of the Hog's Back

We regrouped and headed north towards Inteman trail under a brilliant sun. Clouds layered to the east, but the sun drenched the rocks and city with vibrant colors. Gorgeous enough to distract us from the task at hand - the rocks of Inteman. I haven't ridden it in a while, so was more then happy to take up the rear. I didn't quiet remember what was coming, so it was like riding a new trail and seeing it with fresh eyes. Speed wasn't important, riding cleanly and smoothly was the goal. I still missed a few sections, but had the courage to try a rock section I'd never tried before. Slid off almost at the top, but gave it a solid go! Confidence to try was the key. Jen and the other women took a shorter route down - it was getting late and they needed to get going. Craig and I took a super fun trail down to the start of Roundup and then pedaled hard to catch up. I was surprised - made both rock slabs on RoundUp without blinking. A first time for that - usually I hesitate coming up on those. Too soon, the ride was over. But the smiles remained - and the feeling like little kids out playing in the rain.

(edited to add photos)


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