Being Lazy

I can tell I haven't been very good lately. I've been very lazy about doing yoga, my lifting and my back exercises. I know why I stopped, but haven't a good excuse as to why i never resumed. I was sidelined by my crash way back in January. I couldn't put any weight on my right shoulder, so lifting and yoga was out. And I had been doing so good - finally getting consistant with the off the bike training. But after the crash, I couldn't. And I never got back into the groove with it. I got lazy, sleeping in and not doing my exercises. With the taper and recovery weeks before and after 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, it wasn't much of an issue. But then the training started again. And I noticed right away that I'd been lazy. Wow. Hips tight, neck tight, shoulders stiff and back aching. All things I could have prevented had I just kept at all my off bike workouts. And now, with my first big race coming up, it might be too late. I can't be lazy anymore - there are only two months left until the biggest race of my life. I have to be vigilant before then and maintain all the things I know I need to do....


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