Noodle people vs swimmers...

Or adventures in the water at the local pool! I usually try to get up and go my swim workouts with the CSST Maters group. It's a fun group and the workouts are good. But this week I have to yet make it down to CC. Monday I was doing a specific workout and Wednesday I needed the sleep due to unforeseen guests in the yard. So I went to 24 Hour fitness both days to swim, hoping the noodle people would not be too bad. We all know who they are and curse the days we have to deal with them. But that got me thinking. Maybe we serious swimmers, just trying to get the yards - do our intervals and swim as fast as we can,  in are really the ones who are in the way of the Noodle People! After all I don't swim at 24 Hour Fitness all the time and when I take half a lane it is a big dent in the amount of space available for the other pool users. But since I flit in and out of the pool - coming in when I want, a different time every day, it makes it hard for the normal pool users to anticipate when they might lose a lane. The noodle people need their own lane for their calisthenics, or things get crazy. And I don't like being interrupted while swimming, so I tend to completely ignore the rest of the pool. Put me in a lane with a pace clock and I'll play ping pong ball for a while - which doesn't go over well with the noodle people. So dodging the noodle people will become accepted practice at 24 Hour Fitness. As long as they stay out of my way, I will stay out of their way! It's good open water swim practice!


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