Some health notes

Two good things happened before Nick and I left for Cortez. First, I had my two month follow up from my eye surgery. And after he dilated my eye and looked around, I received the good news. "It looks great, no evidence that I was ever in there." So my eye has completely healed and my vision is fine. My behaving and sitting on the couch for two weeks was more then worth it to hear that. He did not sound worried about a recurrence either. And with that, and a comment about seeing me in the papers one day. And with that I was discharged from his care. Yea!!

And the second was my calf. I had been dealing with a strain in my left soleus since before Waco and nothing seemed to help. I had even managed to give myself a small case of frost nip after a track workout! So imagine my surprise when I go for my massage and instead of working on my calf she spends most of the time on my hip flexors and hamstrings. I walked out of there feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I was also told to focus my stretching on my hip flexors and hamstrings and not worry so much about my calf. So Thursday when I woke up I spent a few extra minutes stretching as ordered. I was really sore, but my calf did not hurt. I was even able to run a little without pain that evening. It is a kinetic chain thing that makes perfect sense to me. I just needed someone else to point it out.


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