This was really good weekend. I took the tri bike out for long ride on Saturday to make sure the new aerobar setup works well and is comfortable. I've done one other long ride and a few shorter rides, but those were all hilly and it's harder to stay in aero for the whole ride. As is usual for riding out east, there was a strong wind. This time the wind didn't shift, so after dealing with the head wind doing north, I was able to fly down the road going south. Nothing like the feeling of cruczing down an empty road with the wind at your back.

Everything was so green out east. We've had a lot of rain in the last few weeks and the fields were full of flowers. It won't last - in a few weeks, the grass will be brown and the flowers gone. Speaking of rain, I was far enough away from the mountains to watch the afternoon thunderstorms attempting to develop. The anvil would start forming, reaching far into the sky, then collapsing. Finally one got together and the storms started. Luckly I was already finished, home and showered.

Sunday was packing and chores. Nick was out riding in the morning and then did trail work with Medicine Wheel in the afternoon. I had the house to myself. Cranked up the music and just settled down to vacuum, do dishes and get packed up for Idaho. I'm almost ready to go - just have to figure out the tent situation.


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